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Therapy is able to address a range of personal and family challenges through an integrative approach informed by family systems theory.

Here are just some of challenges you can find support and treatment for.


Adjustment                     Adoption              

Anxiety                           Attachment                     Blended families 


Disordered eating         Divorce                          

Gender Exploration  



Mood Disorders             Risk-taking behavior     School success             Sleep disturbances       Self-harm

Sexual orientation         Social coaching             Suicide ideation             Trauma

Services are available for families, couples, and individuals. Services are in English with ability to assist bi-lingual Spanish speaking families. LGBTQ clients welcome.

“For those who have dwelt in depression's dark wood, and known its inexplicable agony, their return from the abyss is not unlike the ascent of the poet, trudging upward and upward out of hell's black depths and at last emerging into what he saw as "the shining world."  


                                  William Styron, Darkness Visible

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