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Inquisitive Therapist Book Clubs

What is an IT Book Club?

An Inquisitive Therapist Book Club is your opportunity to earn continuing education units in an intimate, collaborative, supervisory-like learning setting. Each club has a topic or theme that will be explored by reading three books. For each book you read in the comfort of your home, you will reflect on the content using a provided reading guide, attend a scheduled gathering, and discuss it with other professionals in the field. Clubs are appropriate for LPCs, LSWs, and other mental health providers needing continuing education. Groups are limited to a 10-person maximum to keep it intimate.

Purchase your books independently to add to your library. Buy locally when available. Collected Works is a great Santa Fe resource.

Earn 12 CEUs per club!

Browse current book club offerings below.

Why join an IT Book Club?

To be inspired and rejuvenated of course! There is nothing like breaking the isolation therapists can experience by sharing space with other clinicians. Reconnect to curiosity through inquiry and discourse related to topics you are interested in.  Develop resources for clients and feel confident that you have a compassionate and warm group of humans who have your back when you need some connection and support!

Current Inquisitive Therapist Book Club Offerings: 

Available titles change frequently. Please check back for updates! 

Don't see a title you like here?  Email your suggestions to

More CEUs Available through

Emergence Therapy...

If you work for an agency participating in the CONNECT program, you can access free, individual, confidential, clinical guidance. Get support with personal or professional issues. 

Book Pages
     “I don't have to chase extraordinary moments to find happiness - It's right in front of me if I'm paying attention and practicing gratitude."
                                                   Researcher & storyteller,  Brene Brown
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