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Emergency Therapy Consultations


Mikahla believes prevention is the best universal intervention.  


She provides consultations for schools and other communities serving youth and families who want to offer programming.


Topics cover a range of youth and parenting issues:


It is better to light a candle

than curse the darkness.

                           Eleanor Roosevelt, First Lady

As a Provider

Suicide Prevention


Digital citizenship

Sexual Safety

Substance use prevention

How to be an ally

Parenting with purpose

Stress management

Mikahla  has presented at various state and national conferences and spent more than a dozen years in a classroom.  She is comfortable working with students and parents in public speaking and teaching settings and can provide these direct services for you.

As a developer

Mikahla has developed programming in both clinical and school settings. She can assist administrators and staff in the development and implementation of in-house programming on many of these topics providing developmentally appropriate, experiential, and technologically savvy learning tools and resources.

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