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Mikahla is a Continuing Education Unit Provider. She enjoys deeper explorations of long standing theoretical models and invites you to join her in examining emerging practices. Her goal as a provider is two-fold.

Current Offerings


There are no current offerings.

El Mundo de la Familia: Spanish for Counselors and Social Workers;

Santa Fe 2012

Begin your journey to becoming a bilingual therapist!

I want the film to start when you leave the auditorium.”  


             French Film Maker, Jacques Tati

First, she would like individuals and families to receive the best care possible and believes robust and ongoing conversations regarding clinical practices is necessary for this.


Second, she is deeply concerned about the real danger of burnout and believes a strong community of professionals can combat the risks and build professional resilience.

Past Offerings

Continuing education workshops will be offered annually.  Look here for upcoming workshop summaries, rates, and sign up.


Workshops enhance skills, develop theoretical understanding and .connect you to the local counseling community

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